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Bio-cosmos Club

  • The most innovative and creative club ‘Bio-cosmos’ drives the young minds to ignite their skills with a powerhouse of creativity.
  • The club commenced on 28th August 2019 by the department faculties and the alumni of batch 2017 and 2018.
  • This is a great initiative to bring out the path of practical learning such as mushroom cultivation and events like nutrition and psychology campaign helps to gain good awareness of the masses and on the dietary supplements.
  • The international webinars are carried out for a lively interactive environment and quiz activities which is a quest for one’s knowledge.
  • National symposium further enhances their outreach to gain a major exposure.
  • The updated news and Bio news feed in insta page is a boon to several social media users and this will perhaps extrapolate their interest in exploring new techniques and pave way for a futuristic technological development of our nation.